It is this very district and its district centre Volovets that the vast majority of visitors who choose to spend their holiday in Zakarpattia visit first. By the way, the district is one of the smallest in the region, but at the same time, it doesn't make it less interesting or attractive. Moreover, Volovets is the main railway station through which passenger trains and tourists travel to Transcarpathia .
Volovets district is located in the north of the region and borders with Velykyi Bereznyi (in the west), Svalyava (in the south) and Mizhhiria (in the east) districts of Zakarpattia region, as well as with Lviv oblast of Ukraine. Surrounded by mountain forests, it is always hospitable to the tourists who come to Zakarpattia on vacation.
Volovets district is a part of Boikivshchyna ethnographic district, which is one of the four well-known historical and ethnographic groups of the Ukrainian Сarpathians: Hutsuly, Boiky, Lemky and Dolyniany. Boiky's life and daily routine varies significantly in the means of customs, rituals and material culture. Thus, while planning your stay in Volovets, you have the opportunity to learn more about the unique architecture, culture, visit natural sanctuaries and tourist attractions.
At different times of the year, the area is attractive and fabulous. Those who visit it once always come back again and again. Tourists visiting Zakarpattia say that locals live here like in paradise, and there is a good reason for such an opinion. Choose one of the tourist hiking trails in Volovets district, go up Stoi or Velykyi Verkh mountains and you will see. So if you are tired of a busy city rhythm come to Volovets district!
The subjects of tourist activity in Volovets offer its guests both relaxing and active holidays. Recreational area of Zhdenievo village with its numerous camping sites and hotels, which provide services for various groups of tourists, should be especially highlighted.
Tourists have a chance to do paragliding (Borzhava polonyna), ride on quad bikes, mountain bikes, and enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter.
7 mineral springs have been explored in Volovets district. The most famous of them is located in Zanka tract. For a long time there were mines here which were supported by the forestry plant.
Unique monuments of architecture in Volovets district are:
● Holy Spirit Church (XVIII century) in Huklyvyi village.
● Mykolaivska Church (beginning of the ХVІІІ century) in Zadilske village. A wooden double log building with a bell tower (beginning of the XX century).
● Holy Spirit Church (the end of XVIII - XIX centuries) in Kotelnytsia village. A wooden triple log building (XVIII - XIX centuries) with a XIX century bell tower.
● Men Monastery of Casaian Mother of God in Kotelnytsia village.
● The Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, 1898
● The Church of the Holy Fr. Vasyl Velykyi. The beginning of XX century, Zadilske. A wooden double log building with the XX century bell tower.
● The Church of the Ascension of Jesus (XVIII - XIX centuries), Yalove village. A wooden triple log church (XVIII - XIX centuries) with a XIX century bell tower.
● The Church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary, 1804, Abranka village. A wooden church and a bell tower of 1804.
● The Church of the Ascension of Jesus, 1947, Perekhresnyi village.
On the territory of Volovets district there are extremely attractive objects, picturesque landscapes and nature reserves:
● Reserves: Pikui, Holytsa, Rosishnyi, Temnatyk, Osa Spring, Maidan;
● Holly Well spring in Huklyve village
● Mount Pikui (1408.3m). Located on the border of Zakarpattia and Lviv regions
● Mount Ostra (1405.2 m). Located on the border with Velykyi Bereznyi district
● Mount Temnatyk (1343.6 m). Located near Volovets.
● Mount Plai (1330.5m)
● Mount Velykyi Verkh (1598m)
● Volovetsky (or Beskydskyi) Mountain Pass (974m)
● Veretskyi Mountain Pass (838m)
● Arpad Line Bunker in the village of Hrabivnytsa
The most popular tourist hiking trails are:
● To mount Temnatyk. It is convenient to start from Volovets
● To mount Plai. Tourists can go up to this summit both from Volovets and from Huklyve village.
● To mount Velykyi Verkh. One can reach the summit from Volovets, Huklyve village, Pylypets or Veretskyi Mountain Pass
● To mount Buzhora. The climb to this peak in the area is carried out from Yabluniv village.
● To mount Pikui. The most popular trails are the ascent to the summit from Bilasovytsa and Shcherbovets villages.
● Mount Ostra. Tourists can hike from Perekhresnyi, Rotoka and Kichernyi villages.
The most popular festival in Volovets district is the festival called Sonorous Pearls of Verkhovyna.
Volovets district offers accommodation in hotels on the territory of tourist camping sites and village manors, as well as meals in restaurants of Volovets district.