Recreation on the territory of Velykyi Bereznyi district is a great opportunity to touch the history of the region, learn more about the secrets of the ancient beech forests, enjoy the cleanliness of the mountain air and taste the beauty of the mountain peaks.
Velykyi Bereznyi district is one of the most environmentally friendly areas in Ukraine, because there are no dangerous industrial enterprises in the district. Most of the territory of the district - are mountains covered with forests; the mountain "Lyutyanska Holitsa" is considered to be the highest peak of Velykyi Bereznyi, which has an altitude of 1371 meters above sea level.
The district borders with Perechyn and Volovets districts of Zakarpattia, Lvivregion, as well as with the countries of the European Union - Slovakia and Poland.
The district center of Velykyi Bereznyi is 40 km from Uzhhorod, on the highway and the railway branch, which connects Lviv and Uzhhorod. An international checkpoint with Slovakia is situated nearby.
Several dozens of tourist and cycling routes pass through the Velykyi Bereznyi district.
The most popular recreation areas are situates along the Uzh and Liutyanka rivers, the Yavornyk Mountain Range and by the mountain streams and slopes, in particular: Krasia, Sil.
Also, the longest railway tunnel Shcherbyn-Sianky, which is 908 meters long, passes in Velyky Bereznyi. The tunnel connects Zakarpattia and Lviv regions.
During the times of the Czechoslovak Republic, the founders of the Zakarpattia school of painting, artists Joseph Bokshay and Adalbert Erdeli, chose the district for their works. The picturesque mountain village of Zhornava became their centre. The village is also known as the Zakarpattia Barbizon (the name of the French village, where artists Rousseau, Corot, Milllet lived and worked). Since then, the fascinating landscapes around Zhornava have entered history, because they are the ones that were reflected by the brush of great masters on their majestic canvases.
What is there to see on the territory of Velykyi Bereznyi district?:
• Temple of Saint Archangel Michael of XVII century, in Uzhok village. Contributed to UNESCO's legacy. It is one of the most famous wooden temples of Zakarpattia, located in Uzhok village, near Uzhok Pass. It was built in honor of St. Michael the Archangel in 1745, and since then it serves the people as a place of communication with God;
• The railway infrastructure built during the Austro-Hungarian period (early 20th century) by the specialists of the Hungarian royal state roads is interesting;
• Uzhanian National Nature Park, created by the Decree of the President of Ukraine in 1999with the total area of about 40000 hectares is located in the basin of the river Uzh from Zabrid village to Uzhok Pass and is a part of the International Biosphere Reserve "Eastern Carpathians";
• The village of Stuzhytsa - Uzhok is the area where the oldest beech forest reserve is located (1908). It was here that the beech krummholzwas preserved on an area of more than 55 hectares. UNESCO's legacy;
• Uzhok Pass (883 m). This is one of the ways through which you can get to Zakarpattia from the side ofLviv region and the border from Poland (direction Sambir);
• The oldest trees in Ukraine - "Dido-oak" and "Champion Oak" in Stuzhytsa village.The oaks are 1200 years old.
• "Black Mills" is the place where of the Knyahynya meteorite fall. On June 9, 1866, at 16.55 am local time, close by the 
Knyahynya village, an extremely interesting event happened- the fall of Europe's largest meteorite. The eventtook place between the Wall and Yavirnyk ridges. The meteorite appeared as a fiery bullet over the city of Liptovsky Mikulas, flew eastward over the Slovak cities of Sharish, Zemplin, Presov (Slovakia), and, having overcome the distance more than 200 km, broke up near the village of Knyahynya at an altitude of 40 km.

Tourists visiting the Velykyi Bereznyi district have spoken of it as of an extremely beautiful land. It is chosen by those who seek peace and nature. In thisdistrict the most popular ski area of Zakarpattia– Krasia is located.
Accommodation in the territory of the Velykyi Bereznyi district is provided in hotels, campsites, and farmsteads of rural tourism.
Dining at the restaurants offering Zakarpattia cuisine.