Tiachiv – a town of Zakarpattia with a royal title invites tourists

The district centers of Zakarpattia not only have impressive history of origin, but also many attractions that are worth visiting and listening to their legends. One of these is the town of Tiachiv, which was established in the 13th century, and since 1329 it was included in the category of cities of royal significance. What is this town famous for?

The recognized monuments of Tiachiv are: the Catholic church of the Holy King Istvan (built in 1780. The feature of the temple is a imitative (painted) clock on the tower, designed to remind the parishioners that every hour can become the last one), the Lutheran parish house, the stone Reformed Church (constructed in the fifteenth century on the foundation of the temple, which had been towering above here for more than two centuries. Originally the building belonged to the Catholics, and in the XV century it was passed over to the reformed church. The special feature of the church is the tree-tiered bell tower), a monument to Taras Shevchenko, a bust to the Hungarian revolutionary Lajos Kossuth and the nadporuchik of the General L. Sloboda Corps, a tanker S.M. Vaida (who lived in Dulovo village and perished in the battles for the Polish town of Tvorkuv), bust to a Hungarian artist Simon Hollósy (who lived in Tiachiv for some time) a monument to the perished people of Tiachiv in the First and Second World Wars, a monument to the Afghan soldiers and a monument to Heavenly Hundred. 
For those who love outdoor rest, it's worth visiting the recreational areas of Tiachiv, in which there are lakes (ponds, pools) and gazebos. Among the most famous are the recreation area "Liudmyla" (located at the entrance to the city, in the Bushtyno settlement).

If you enjoy swimming and hydromassage, as well as taking a steam bath, then visit the Marina water park in Tiachiv. There are not only swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi, but also a salt room with a pool and a bar-restaurant.
While staying in Tiachiv district, do not forget to visit the Sifon and Druzhba caves (Romania), located near the villages of Velyka and Malenka Uholka, the salt lakes (located in Solotvyno village), the Sribna Zemlia private museum (located in the village of Hrushovo in the Zakarpattia artist Vasyl Tehza). The most unique exhibits are: the ancient chalice, 65 religious volumes, the Gospel manuscript , the first Ukrainian hryvnias, etc.) and the oldest monument of Ukrainian church building - the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, located in the village of Kolodne.