Svaliava district is the mineral capital of Zakarpattia

Svaliava is a district town of Zakarpattia, founded in the XII century. The town is ancient, so there are a lot of legends about its name. There are two most famous ones. According to the first one, its name derives from Gothic ‘swaljawa’, which is translated as a ‘swallow’. According to the second one, it was formed because of the salt that was transported from here to neighboring countries, and called it (salt) "zolva, soliava, solva". What is there to see in Svaliava?
First, here you can visit the unique architectural monuments. In particular, the Mykhailivska church, which was built without any nail and belongs to the Lemko type. It was consecrated in 1588 and rebuilt in 1759. There is a stone bell tower near the church, which was set up in 2000. Holy Trinity and Cyril-Methodius Convent (1996), where now about thirty sisters they monastic obedience. The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a Roman Catholic church built in 2010 on the site of the former shrine, which was moved to Svaliava from Drachyno and built by German settlers. Currently, the parish is served by fathers-salvatorians (the Society of the Divine Savior) and nuns from the community of the Sisters of Mercy of St Vincent.
Secondly, there are also memorials here. The Svaliava Memorial Complex (Park) is a monument of the severe torture of the people of the area and the Hungarians of Zakarpattia, created on the site where the concentration camp used to be. The park has a Memory Wall, on the plates of which the names of the 12 thousand victims - the victims of the Stalinist repressions are recorded. The monument to the "Fallen Warriors-Liberators" (Soviet soldiers, partisans and undergrounders who died during the Second World War, put up in the spring of 1945), the monument to Yurii Hutsa-Venelin (Ukrainian and Russian historian, philologist, ethnographer, public leader), Obelisk of memory of massacre over anti-war demonstrators, Obelisk on the grave of a knight, etc.
Third, there are unique natural monuments in the Svaliava district - Synie Lake (a small lake located in the Syniak tract. It has two craters filled with sulfur-sulfate-calcium water. It covers an area of 30 hectares), the Obavskyi stone (a rock, a crater part of the ancient volcano, 80 m high and about 2 km long), the island of Martha - Margarita (located on the Latorytsa River), the blue rocks (bare rocks of blue color of the glacial period. They are located at the summit of Mount Bus and occupy 30 hectares) .
While in Svaliava not only you can visit places of interest and have fun, but also treat yourself. After all, there are a lot of sources in the town and district with alkaline-carbonic water (which treat the patients), near which there are various sanatoriums: Poliana, Kryshtaleve Dzherelo, Sunny Zakarpattia, Kvitka Polonyny and others.