Perechyn district is located in the middle of Uzh Valley, borders with Velykyi Bereznyi, Volovets, Svaliava and Uzhhorod districts. Border with the Slovak Republic passes through the district. The distance to Uzhhorod is 25 km, both by road and by rail.
The territory of Perechyn district is a place where traditions of Lemkos of Zakarpattia are best cherished today. Namely, their customs, rituals and cuisine. Picturesque nature, unique waterfalls, mountain valleys, mostly beech forests and meadows, Polonyna Runa are the riches of the area.
The territory of Perechyn district is rich in forests of solid species of trees (beech, fir, birch), many plants are listed in the Red Book, the traditional for Ukrainian Carpathian animals are in the forests, and fish in water bodies.
Perechyn district is a place where coolness dominates all year round, which attracts the residents of cities.
While in Perechyny district, one should definitely visit the village of Lumshory and bathe in chans with healing water, as well as breathe the clean mountain air, go horse-riding, go down the slopes of the valleys; climb up Sololovyi Kamin, gasp from looking at the mighty Carpathians, and definitely try the trout cooked by the recipes of the chefs in one of the restaurants.
Natural parks and nature reserves are particularly worth mentioning, namely:
- Shypit reserve, where unique plant species are protected;
- Sokolovi Skeli state reserve in the basin of the river Shypit;
- State hydrological monument-waterfall in the village of Turia Poliana.
When planning a stay in Perechyn district, we recommend visiting the Lemkiv manor house-museum in the village of Zarichevo and the author museum of life and customs "Sklad" in Dubrynychi.
The dominating folk crafts in the area are mainly embroidery (Perechyn and the village of Turytsa), weaving (village of Turytsa), artistic wood processing (Perechyn, Poroshkovo).

What else is there to know about Perechyn district?:
• The overwhelming majority of the district's territory is covered by mountains;
• The highest point of Perechyn district is the summit of Polonyna Runa, rising to 1.479 meters.
• Mountain ridges of Polonyna Runa, Synatoria, Chontosh and Lypova rock.
• The rivers Uzh, Liutianka, Turychka, Turia, Shypot flow along the district's territory.
• On the territory of the district there is a volcanic lake Vorohivske and a cascade of mountain waterfalls Lumshorsky.
• The famous Uzh and Turia valleys are situated between the mountains is the famous .

What to see:
• The largest valley of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Polonyna Runa (Even)
• A unique wooden temple in the village of Likizary, built with spruce in the XVII century, was rebuilt in 1748. The longs were covered with a double-edged roof. The shelter and the roof have a profiled cornice from solid timber. Above the Babynets there is a small square tower with a Baroque finish. A small chapel similar to the tower crowns the roof of the altar.
• Monument to the postman. In the village of Turii Remety (10 km from the town of Perechyn) there is a historical monument of the XIX century - a memorial plaque of postmen, made and set up by grateful fellow countrymen who highly appreciated the life feat of the poster Theodore Fekete, made by him in the distant past. And in the very center of Perechyn there is a monument to the postman, which is included in the list of "Original Monuments of Zakarpattia", formed by the Tourist Information Center of Zakarpattia.
• The French of Zakarpattia. An interesting fact about the history of Perechyn district is that the inhabitants of one of the largest settlements in the district - Turii Remety, are called "froggers" by residents of the neighboring villages. And really ... If you look at the menu of one of the village cafes you can see the two traditional dishes for this village ... "frog legs" and "turtle soup". Surprisingly, as the history of Napoleon's invasion times shows, the French prisoners of war were billeted in the village, who then stayed there forever creating their own families and, of course, shared their French customs (including cuisine) with the local population.
• Chans in the village of Lumshory. Residents and guests of the region have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a 1000-liter reservoir (chan), heated by a fire, with healing mineral waters, with temperatures up to + 40-45 ° С.
• Schönborn Park, in the Voevodyno resort. Unique park, lake and sculptural compositions.
Distances to interesting tourist destinations from Perechyn, the district center:
• Chans in the village of Lumshory - 25 km, 23 min by car
• Uzhhorod castle - 25 km, 25 min by car
• Uzhok Pass - 70 km, 60 min by car
• Millennial oaks in the village of Stuzhytsa - 50 km, 50 min by car
• Mount Krasia, Kostryno - 40 km, 40 minutes by car
• Nevytskyi Castle, 7 km, or 10 minutes by car
The area is popular among tourists, both individual and organized groups that choose a variety of interesting objects, as well as stop on transit travel.
Among the interesting events of Perechyn district, it is worth to mention the celebrations of Perechyn town and Perechyn semi marathon, the festival of arts "Perechyn district calls talents", "Lemkivska Vatra".
Accommodation on the territory of Perechyn district is possible in the hotels, country homesteads.
Dining is provided by restaurants and taverns with ethnic cuisine.