Tourists who choose recreation in Zakarpattia always pay attention to the Mizhhiria district, which is located in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Sincere and hospitable people live here, and it is one of the most environmentally friendly places in Ukraine, after all, nearly half of the district's area is a natural reserve fund.
It is one of the most beautiful and most popular areas of Zakarpattia among tourists, for whom the environment and cleanliness of the air are the priority. Interestingly, nature has made it so that all the seasons in the Mizhhiria distict are beautiful, which is why it is loved by artists and photographers who arrange numerous pleinair paintings and increase the fixation of beauty in their works.
There is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine - the Synevyr lake, which was formed 10 thousand years ago at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level.
The district center is located in the village of Mizhhiria (10,2 thousand people), and in general there are 50,7 thousand people living in the district, of which the urban population is 10,2 thousand, and rural - 40,5 thousand.
Mizhhiria district borders with Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, as well as with Volovets, Khust, Irshava, Svaliava and Tiachiv districts of Zakarpattia.
Distances from the district center of Mizhhiria, to the nearest tourist places:
Volovets direction
• Shypit waterfall, 25 km, or 30 minutes by car
• Pylypets ski resort, 23 km, or 25 minutes by car
• Podobovets ski resort, 26 km, or 30 minutes by car
• Volovets, 38 km, or 45 minutes by car
Synevyr direction
• Synevyr lake, 30 km, or 30 minutes by car
• Kolochava, 26 km, or 34 minutes by car
What is interesting in Mizhhiria district?:
• The vast majority of the district's territory is occupied by the Carpathian mountains and highlands
• In the village of Kolochava there is the largest number of museums
• The highest point of the Mizhhiria district is Mount Strymba, 1,719 meters.
• The largest rivers of the district: Rika, Rypynka, Tereblia and Ozerianka.
• The region has the largest mountain lake in Ukraine, Zakarpattia and Mizhhiria district - Synevyr, it was formed 10 thousand years ago at an altitude of 989 m and has an area of 7 hectares, with a maximum depth of 27 m and a temperature from + 12 ° to + 18 °. There is rainbow, brown and lake trout.
• The largest waterfall in Zakarpattia - Shypit is located in the area
• Mountain ridges: Pishkonya, Kvasnyi Vekh, Palenyi Hrun, Smerek
• An important transport pass goes through Vodorozdilnyi ridge: Vyshki (Torun - 931 m), and between the mountains there are Mizhhiria and Kolochava basins.
• There is a 500-year-old oak in Mizhhiria,
• A monument to the Carpathian bee has been installed in the village of Vychkove
The flora of the Mizhhiria district is represented by unique plants: the alpine aster, the alpine ribbon (edelweiss), the erythronium dens-canis, pinus sibirica, the stemless gentian, the great yellow gentian, the English yew, the Carpathian bells, the Alpine hinge, the Carpathian sheep, the Carpathian currant, the Carpathian rockfoil, the mountain flax,the Carpathian Rhododendron.
The fauna of the Mizhhiria district. Among the animals the especially common in Mizhhiria district are the fox, wolf, raccoon dog, brown bear, badger, marten, ermine, otter, forest cat, lynx, hare, squirrel, wild boar, roe deer and Carpathian deer.
Among the birdsthose that should be mentioned are the capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, gray partridge, owl, wild goose, wild duck, and among the reptiles the following are common: lizards, natrix, anguis, common European viper, salamander. There are many fish in the rivers of the district: brown trout, Danube salmon, thymallus, umbra, cottus, barbel, chub, roach, carassius.
The natural areas of the Mizhhiria region: Synevyr national park
Several sources of mineral water are developed on the territory of district: Kelechyn, Soimy. Treatment and rehabilitation on the territory of the Mizhhiria district is represented by resort and recreational facilities, sanatoriums and recreation centers.
Traditional folk crafts: lizhnyk making, artistic woodworking.
Wooden architecture of the Mizhhiria district: represented by unique wooden churches in the following villages: Bukovets, Pryslip, Pylypets, Verkhnii Studenyi, Kolochava-Horb, Kolochava-Imshad, Synevyrska Poliana, Torun, Podobovets, Izky, Repynne, NyzhniiStudenyi.
The most popular places among tourists are: Synevyr, Kolochava, Pylypets, Izky.
Among the types of recreation the popular ones are: skiing, biking, hiking, gastronomic tours, visiting the national park, rehabilitation center for brown bears.
The treatment and rehabilitation are offered by sanatoriums in Soimy village, and numerous mineral springs.
Numerous celebrations and festivals are held on the territory of the Mizhhiria region, among which "Seeing shepherds off to polonyna", "The trembitas are calling to Synevyr" are worth mentioning.
Extremely beautiful nature, fresh mountain air, mighty forests, rivers and lakes have inspired local people for centuries, therefore, one more wealth of residents of the Mizhhiria district is authentic folklore. In the villages of the district, you can hear different stories from life. If you have chosen a vacation in Zakarpattia on the territory of the Mizzhiria district, the locals will willingly show you the places where you can gather juicy blueberries, mushrooms, and other forest gifts. Mizhhiria district is an unforgettable experience.
Accommodation on the territory of the district is provided by hotels, tourist centers, rural homesteads.
Meals are served in restaurants offering traditional Carpathian cuisine.