About Zakarpattia

The land close to the sky! Yes, it’s about Zakarpattia. The unique unrepeatable exclusive one. Whoever has visited our land, always will remember the crystal clearness of the ringing rivers, and the silver sound of pure air, and the incredible beauty and majesty of the mountains, echoing the wonderful history, sprawled through castles, parks, narrow streets and shining cobblestone, erased by centuries.

Zakarpattia is an extraordinary place. Therefore as a tourist destination, it can offer its visitors unforgettable impressions at any time of the year. In winter it is mountain-skiing tourism. For instance, Drahobrat is famous for its high reliefs and very steep trails for freestyle. In Podobovets and Pylypets, the whole family will have a great rest, because here you can not only feel extreme; the Shypit waterfall and Synevyr lake are not really far from here.

Water is the most amazing substance on our planet


Not only it can quench thirst, but also heal, refresh, reload the human body, give it new breath and strength. Talkative mountain rivers and picturesque lakes are far from the only basins of the region. From the depths of the earth, enriched with trace elements, overcoming a lot of obstacles in its path, the amazing substance that brings us life itself. Mineral and thermal springs are a generous gift from the Lord to our blessed land. Mineral water is able to update us at the cellular level, thermal water can supplement the healing effect and improve health.

For reference. In our region there are 67 main deposits of this natural gift. Thus Svalyava, Khust, Mukachevo, Rakhiv districts are famous for their mineral springs. Thermal pools will hospitably greet their visitors in Beregovo, Uzhgorod, and Khust regions. The undisputed highlight of Zakarpattia, which is incredibly popular, is the hot water tank (38-45 ° С), infused on spruce branches and herbs. The ancient strength of the earth, which every plant absorbed in itself, will warm you with its soft embraces, cuddle and wrap you with weightlessness and ease. Under the open sky, all those who are willing can enjoy the incredible effect of a healing bath. Is there no sea in Zakarpattya? Natural and artificial pools are a great alternative, able to provide balance of mind, peace, health and inspiration.

Spring-summer time is the time of 'Blossoming Zakarpattia'


Who said that there is no sea in our country? Have you seen all the shades of green and blue, which both take on the coolness of the mountain forests? Have you admired the tenderness of the Valley of Daffodils, which enchants with its purity and chastity? Have you been fascinated by the carpets of the red rue, which, with its flourishing and primitive nature, darkens the lavender fields? Delicate crocuses and primorse, pink cherry blossom tree madness, magnolia minimalism, romantic edelweiss with a haze of the legend, exotic tulip tree and ginkgo … The bloom of Zakarpattia is a paradise on earth. Literally.

But the spring-summer time is also the time of active recreation. If your soul aspires to unforgettable impressions, extreme and adrenaline, then you surely should definitely visit us! Travel organizers in Zakarpattia will offer a variety of options: quad biking, downhill on mountain rivers and to underground caves, interesting bike excursions, horseback riding and exciting hiking, paragliding and hang gliding.

Is there no sea in Zakarpattia? We will give you the sky! We will give you what is more valuable than any treasures – impressions. After all, be sure, not only does such holiday capture the spirit. From such recreation serotonin and endorphins appear, or just happiness, which will forever remain not only in memories, but also in exclusive photographs.

Autumn ... It's an incredibly ambiguous time


But autumn in Zakarpattia is always amazingly bright. It will easily make you forget about melancholy, sadness and rainy mood, will captivate with its colors, capture you with the rhythm of the most diverse festivals. Is there no sea in Zakarpattia? Have you seen our sea of ​​bliss, human sincerity, and the desire to show the guests all the delights of the region?

Wine festivals offer to discover all the richness of the grapevine, this vindictive lifeblood. Reputable wine-makers will gladly treat you with this drink of the Gods, will recommend what the soul wants, open secrets of longevity, warm you up not only with Zakarpattia mulled wine, but also with a smile.

The honey festival invites everyone to get rid of autumn sadness, soothe the soul and elevate your mood. Amber zest has long been famous for its enchanting, healing qualities, and the beekeepers have been compared with mysterious molphars that can heal the soul and body. Zakarpattia honey will warm you up on the coldest winter evening, will give a sense of comfort, will return you to the summer.

Gastronomic festivals hospitality invite the inhabitants and guests of the region. Here you can enjoy brynza, homemade cheese, taste urda. And you will also be served with the famous bograch, treated with homemade sausages and hurka, and offered some traditional Hungarian dishes.

A cozy country house is where you can always have some rest from the noisy city, escape from the demanding metropolis and come back to yourself. Here the caring owners take care of your recreation and silence, and nature will restore strength and give back energy.

For art lovers, our hospitable land broadly opens the door to architectural and historical monuments that are filled with past turbulent ages, historical events, legends and myths that whimsically intertwine in each of the stones of legendary buildings. Modern galleries and museums are an opportunity to get acquainted with artistic heritage, to admire wonderful paintings, sculptures, and feel inspired.

The advantageous geographical position gives our land special uniqueness, as it is located on the border


The advantageous geographical position gives our land special uniqueness, as it is located on the border. Agree, to drink your morning coffee in Uzhhorod, and have dinner in Budapest, or to taste the real “Czech” in Prague – a highlight that will appeal to many. But our region itself is so enchanting with its hospitality, genuine hugs, smiles, benevolence, culinary colorfulness and a special atmosphere that you want to stay here forever…

Probably everyone who loves the mountains has set himself the target to conquer Hoverla. This beauty belongs to the mountains of two-thousand (in Zakarpattia there are several) and is extremely picturesque charm. Who said that we do not have a sea? Have you seen the morning fog on the mountain peaks, which fluctuates constantly and flows somewhere in the direction only known to itself? Have you seen these majestic waves that are able to fill the whole world with themselves and show how mysterious and remote can the road to civilization be? This is a natural miracle that helps to communicate with yourself and with the nature. It is what washes away all that is unnecessary and helps to touch eternity. Only there, on yet unsubdued peaks, it becomes clear: Zakarpattia is a land close to the sky.

So Welcome to Zakarpattia! Come in. Find out. Visit. Have some nice impressions!