The incredible landscapes that form the charming forests and high mountain valleys, unique lakes, which were formed during the glacial period, healing mineral springs - all this creates the uniqueness of the Rakhiv district among other regions of Zakarpattia.
 Rakhiv district is the highest-altitude area of Ukraine, located in the eastern part of Zakarpattia, bordered by Ivano-Frankivsk region and Romania.
Due to its geographical location, unique nature and original Hutsul culture, the regional center, the town of Rakhiv and Rakhiv district are known as one of the most popular tourist and recreational centers of Ukraine.
There is a popular ski resort Drahobrat on the territory of the district, which is covered with snow longest of all Ukrainian ski resorts - from December to May included. It is on the territory of Rakhiv district that the highest peak of Ukraine is our highest mountain - Hoverla (2061 m). It is with Hoverla that the unique landscape opens and brings makes you realize the feeling of true beauty. Other two-thousander mountains are situated not far from Hoverla: Brebeneskul, Petros, Pip Ivan Chornohirskyi (Chorna Hora), Rebra, Gutyn-Tomnatyk and Menchul.
On the outscirts of Dilove and Kostylivka villages there are karst caves. In the town of Rakhiv, villages of Kvasy, Bilyn, Bohdan, Kobyletska Polyana there are sources of mineral waters, and only in their area there are more than 80.
Natural objects that Zakarpattia is proud of:
- The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, which belongs to the largest and most interesting institutions of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, is located on the territory of the district. A large number of natural objects are guarded there. The value of its ecosystems is acknowledged at the international level - since 1993 the reserve has been included in the international network of biosphere reserves of UNESCO;
- between the villages of Kvasy and Yasinya there is a waterfall Trufanets (36 m.) that adorns the Ukrainian Carpathians. The mountain waterfall originates from the southeastern slopes of the Svydovetskyi Range from a height of 1720 m, from below the Blyznytsia Mountains, from subalpine forests and meadows;
- the most famous lakes of Rakhiv district: lake Hereshaska - almost rectangular picturesque lake, which feeds the river Kisva, is disposed under a rocky wall at an altitude of 1577 m. above sea level; Lake Vorozheska at an altitude of 1460 m. above sea level, Lake Apshynets, located at an altitude of 1500 m. above sea level with clean water and stream trout;
- one of the largest tributaries of the Danube River - the Tysa river, formed by the confluence of the Chorna and Bila Tysa, 4 km above the center of Rakhiv town originates in the district;
- The unique monuments of wooden architecture are located in the district. Among them the most famous are the church of the Ascension of the Lord (Strukivska, 1824) with a bell tower (1813), the Yasinya settlement (legacy protected by UNESCO), St. Michael's Church (1870) in Bilyn village, Temple of the Dormition of the Mother of God (1750), Dilove village , temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord with a bell tower (1780), p. Lazeshchyna, temple of St. Peter and Paul (1827),
Lazeshchyna, Mykolay Temple (upper) with a bell tower (1428, 1600, 1760), Serednie Vodiane village, Mykolay Church (lower, mid 17th century), Serednye Vodyane village, temple of Myrrhbearers with a bell tower (1856), Stebnyi village.
What else is there to see Rakhiv district? :
• Museum of the mountain ecology of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (the town of Rakhiv);
• Symbolic Center of Europe, Dilove village
• Menchyl Kvasivskyi Polonyna - the territory of the biostacion of Lviv University, created to preserve and enrich the existing collections of rare plants;
• the Dovhyi Potik tract - the place of growth of the berry jet;
• south-western slope of Pip Ivan Chornohirsky Mountain - a place of growth of a rare endemic plant of the Rhododendron of the East Carpathian Mountains;
• Svydovetski rocks, in the layers of which the prints of flora and fauna are revealed;
• Trosynets rock - a stratigraphic nature monument (stratigraphy - a section of historical geology, covering issues of historical sequence, initial relations and geographical distribution of sediments, volcanogenic and metamorphic formations forming the earth's crust and reflecting the natural stages of the development of the Earth and its biosphere);
• Strimchak rock, near Dilove village - the output of white, black, gray and green marble;
• Love rock, near Kostylivka village.
Rakhiv district has something to offer tourists. So, for winter recreation lovers, the largest number of ski slopes in Zakarpattia (Drahobrat, Rakhiv, Bohdan, Kobyletskaa Poliana, Chorna Tysa, Lazeshchyna, Yasinia) are located, where there are chair, anchor and rope lifts.
Other forms of active tourism are popular, including mountain biking, hiking down the trails and the outskirts of Rakhiv district.
The services of treatment and rehabilitation are provided at the sanatorium "Mountain Tysa" in the village of Kvasy.
Among the most famous gourmet festivals of the Ukrainian Carpathians there is the festival "Hutsul brynza" (town of Rakhiv). Also, the festival "Berlybashskyi Banosh" in Kostylivka and the festival of blueberries in the village of Velykyi Bychkiv are worth mentioning.
In the town of Rakhiv and villages of the district there are campsites, hotels and country houses, which host tourists, and numerous restaurants and kolybas offer delicious Hutsul cuisine.