Berehovo district - Ukrainian capital town of wine and not only …

Most tourists visit former Beregszász during the International Wine Festival as this Transcarpathian town is famous for production of various kinds of the sparkling beverage. However, Berehovo has other attractions that are worth seeing and visiting. 

Like every city, Lampertszász has its own fortress, or rather the palace of the Hungarian prince Gabor Betlen, built in 1629 at the site of the Dominican Order monastery. The residence is located on G.Betlen street, 1. This is a rectangular building which consists of a central part (built in the Renaissance style) and two outhouses. The cellar of the castle is a remnant of the former monastery, therefore it is built in the Gothic style. Currently, the palace has become Berehivshchyna museum, and in its cellar, thanks to Ivan Shepa, one will find a working museum of winemaking (since 2011).

Here you can see the equipment and tools which were used to make wine and care for grapes over the last centuries. However, tasting of sparkling drinks is not allowed here. But don't worry, there are other places for this in Berehovo. In particular, the XVII century wine cellars at Zhaivoronok hotel and restaurant complex as well as Staryi pidval . The latter is the most popular because it is located in a mountain that once served the northern border of the Roman Empire (now it is known as Vynohradna Street). This brewery is more than 300 years old, but it started working only a few years ago thanks to Oleh and Tetiana Havrylchenko. Wine tasting takes place in the hall carved in rock.

The Palace of Comitat Court or the Palace of Justice is located on Košuta Square, 6. It was built in the Neo-Baroque style with the elements of the Renaissance architecture in 1908-1909 by the architects Ferents Yablonskyi, Ishtvan and Yanosh Kopas. Since it was built, the building has been used in various ways. First, as a courtroom and a prison; then, in the years of the Second World War there were comitat and city institutions, police and court here; in 1944-1971 it was used as military barracks; in 1971-2001 - as a precision mechanics factory. Currently, it houses Zakarpattia Ferents Rakotsi II Hungarian Institute.

Berehovo also has one of the oldest stone buildings, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church, built in 1100. The building combines the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The main altar is made in the Baroque Gothic style. An impressive element of the temple is the sundial, which shows the Central European time in Roman numerals. It is located on Rakotsi Square, 3.
The highlight of Beregszász is its thermal pools, which are extremely rare in the world, because only in Hungary, New Zealand and in Kamchatka can you find the similar ones. Water has high mineralization and comes from underground 1600m deep geysers. Water also has a constant temperature of 31-32 degrees and has healing properties for people having problems with the musculoskeletal system as well as cardiovascular and nervous systems. The most famous outdoor swimming pool is found at Zakarpattia sports complex, another one (indoor pool) is situated on the territory of Zhaivoronok tourist and health center (hung.: Pacsirta).

In addition to the listed charms of Berehovo, it is worth to visit Zolota Pava casino Berehovo Hungarian Theater, Stone Humpbacked Bridge, Maximus Aquapark, Verke river embankment and others sights.